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Our Story.


Hello lovely, 

I'm Sarah, the owner of Now.

I hope to inspire women to understand and embrace their worth and individual beauty. I hope that I serve as a daily reminder to come back to the present moment and just breathe, you don't need to be different, you simply need to be yourself. You don't need more makeup, bigger breasts, or more botox. 

We are here for such a short time, why are we trying to 'fix' ourselves with toxic substances and harmful experiences? 

Take a step back, you are beautiful as you are. 

Beauty is not found in more 'things', or looking like the next Vogue cover model, beauty is found in truth, and that is found within yourself, not within the next fad. 

We also believe beauty is for every body, at any age, and any gender. 

I hope you enjoy my website, browse the natural skin care products, read the blog, and if you are interested in staying in touch please join me in my private Facebook Group here.

Much love,