beauty:: how to get rid of adult acne.

Acne is something that not only teenagers can battle, but women and men can get mild to severe acne in their adult lives.

Some celebrities that come to mind who have battled adult acne are, Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, and the list goes on. (Not convicned? Here's some pretty pictures of your darling celebrities with a few acne spots.)

Adult acne not only effects your skin, but your self confidence too. It's something that can make you feel incredibly self conscious. 

Why does adult acne occur? 

Acne occurs for many different reasons, sometimes we change counteries, cities, skin care products, we encounter pollution, we cleanse too often, our diet changes, stress levels go up, or hormones change. It can also be a multitde of factors, and obviously once the acne is their on your face, it can cause stress and that stress can cause even more acne. Sigh!

Adult acne is increasing, and I believe that it is largely due to the enroumous amount of stress we are under, and the highly proceessed and refined foods that we are eating. 

how to get clear skin (again).

None the less, the first thing you need to do to get rid of your acne is to determine the cause.

What is actually causing your skin to overproduce the amount of oil your needs, and thus create acne? 

The first step, really is trying to determine the cause of your acne and to eliminate that.

:: If stress is a factor, are you able to see a coach, counsellor, or possibly begin on a path of meditation. 

:: If it is diet, can you keep a food diary and examine what foods you're eating, and how you can eat better.

:: If you've just landed a promotion at work, and you're working more, could stress be a factor? 

acne - the wake-up call for change. 

Despite determining and fixing the cause, I also do believe adult acne is a wake-up call to change your life-style.

:: Do you need to stop using chemical skin care and start on a path of natural skin care?

:: Do you need to stop drinking so much alchool? 

:: Are you eating too much dairy? Or is your sweet tooth getting the better of you?

:: Are you drinking water, or enough water? 

What do you need to change to be happier, healthier and live better?

In regards to skin care products, it can be easy to want to skip moisturiser - but I assure you, don't! Even when you have adult acne, you still need to cleanse, tone and moisturise. Don't get carried away either, twice a day is enough. I would also recomend adding an oil like the Embrace Serum to your skin care routine. This serum will help your skin to produce less oil, and thus have less acne. 

Lastly, if it does seem to be hormonal, or rosacea, in which case, it is best to see your doctor, get a check-up and address your concern with them.

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