beauty:: 6 tips to ensure you take care of your skin this summer

Here in Australia, it's coming into the hottest months. With some days reaching as high as 40 degrees celsius, the heat can be harmful to our skin, and our health. So, to ensure we look after our skin this summer, we have compiled a checklist of 6 essential things you need to do every day to look after your skin and your health overall. 


One. Faithfully wear sunscreen every single day.

On top of your moisturiser you should use an organic/ natural sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun. We recommend using a minimum of SPF 30. There's only 2% difference between an SPF30 and SPF50, so if you want to use SPF50 go ahead, but at least use a SPF30. Let's not stop at your face - your neck, shoulders, arms, hands and chest all need the sunblock. Do not make the mistake of thinking your face is the only place to protect. 

Two. Wear a hat religiously. 

On top of wearing sunblock, let's remember to wear a hat every single day. Something with a brim to keep the sun off your face. Protecting your skin is so important, and thinking that you can go outside for hours on end, with or without sunblock or a hat is a mistake. Cover yourself up with light weight gorgeous fabrics to protect your skin. Find a gorgeous hat that you can wear and you will be looking as glamorous as ever this summer. 

Three. Don't skimp on the serums or moisturisers.

When summer rolls around a lot, women think it's better to lay off the serum and moisturisers. Your skin still needs hydration, regardless of the heat. Imagine if you were in the desert, without water, and skin care, your skin is going to dry up. Now, put yourself back into the desert, add water, good quality skin care including moisturiser and sunblock, and your skin will not shrivel up. Just don't stay in the desert too long! Even in the summer, your skin still needs hydration, so make sure you are using a good quality serum like the Now Embrace serum, and Awareness moisturiser

Four. Eat your fruits and vegetables.

In particular, eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent disease and illness, but more than that, they can help prevent premature aging and skin cancer. I'll eat to that! 

Five. Limit your time spent on your cell phone and computer. 

This is not just a tip for summer, but something you should be practising all year around. It is an important one, I do believe the mobile phone not only creates internal problems but external ones as well. A lot of us spend time on the mobile phone comparing ourselves to others, which makes us feel bad, or reading news articles or social media late at night in bed, which keeps us from getting valuable sleep. Switch off a lot more, discover hobbies outside of the internet, you'll be amazed at what you can learn!

Six. Commit to yout happiness and health.

In the summer it can be easy to admire the beautiful bodies on the beach, or latest celebrities flaunting their post-baby bodies, but please, stop for a minute and admire the body you have. Often we look around and see the beauty in others. This summer, I request that you practise seeing the beauty in yourself. What has your body helped you through, what have you achieved through your body, what marvellous miracles have you bought into the world. Love your body, wholeheartedly, and the next time you feel yourself comparing your body to another woman's, stop and tell yourself "I love my body as it is. I feel safe, protected & loved. There is nothing I need to do, be or have, I am perfect and my body is beautiful."