beauty:: how to look lovely and age gracefully.

No matter your age, as a woman you want to look and feel your best. Often, we think time, is the reason why we age, and aging is the reason for our skin losing its elasticity and smooth youthful texture. However, the reason that the skin changes will not largely be because of time, but because of the things that we do in that time. Or, don't do, as is the case for many women.

The skin on the face is highly receptive to change. Through our day to day living our skin is exposed to many things, this can include pollution, stress, sun, dirt, and harsh chemicals. 

Our skin is not only affected by external day to day endeavors, but also our daily diet and stress levels. I firmly believe, diet and stress are two of the key reasons that change our skin and make it lose its glow. 

Create your own system of beauty

Ensuring a daily schedule of skin CARE will help any lady age well, and ensure she continues to have that glow no matter her age. 

This CARE schedule must be customised to the lady, her vocation, and the location in which she lives. I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of skin CARE being a daily habit.

A woman that lives in the hot weather all year round will have a very different skin care ritual, than one who lives in the cold. A woman who works 50+ hour weeks and a stay at home lady of leisure will also have different skin CARE requirements.

The CARE schedule will be independent for each lady, however, each woman must pay attention to the following, if her skin is to look lovely and she is to age gracefully.

The CARE system:

:: Her daily skin care products

:: Weekly masks and exfoliants 

:: Overall body care

:: Diet

:: Exercise

:: Fun

While you may think each involves a tremendous amount of time, I can assure you, once you have your set CARE routine in place it will become second nature.

A few words on each of the above items:

Daily skin care products.

The products you choose should be as close to natural as possible, you do not want to strip the skin no matter your desired objective. 

If you live in a warm client, you may not need to use as heavy creams, as opposed to living in a colder client.

Regardless, it should be a daily ritual to: cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Weekly masks and exfoliants. 

Alongside your daily routine, you must also take some time to relax and renew your skin. Again, the type of mask and exfoliant will vary greatly, the important aspect is that it is done weekly. 

Overall body care.

This includes your hair, wash your hair less to retain its shine. Twice a week is best. As well as moisturising your entire body, and using sunblock in the summer is a must.

Diet and exercise.

Try to eat less complex carbohydrates, and sugar and more leafy green vegetable and cultured foods. Exercise does not need to be too strenuous, 10-20 minutes of light exercise daily is sufficient. 


You can have the best skin care, diet, and exercise, however, if you are not happy it will show in your personality and your skin. Take time out for yourself daily to cultivate an inner happiness.

When creating your CARE schedule, ensure you create it based on your specific needs, too often women follow beauty routines and rules of others, that are well suited to that individual but may not be the best choice for themselves.

Creating your own CARE schedule will ensure you age gracefully, internally and externally.

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