wellbeing:: Got 3 minutes? Here are 3 ways to pamper yourself in under 3 minutes.

The key to looking good is feeling good. However, most of us are pressed for time, juggling babies and business, or simply working 9-5 can turn into working 7-7. Whatever your situation, you deserve a little pampering. Pampering does not need to happen once a month (or year) at a day spa, it can happen each and every morning in your own home. 

Here are 7 ways to pamper yourself at home in under 3 minutes each:

Lemon, tomato, turmeric mask.

Dive into your pantry and make your own face mask. Use the juice of one lemon, mixed with half a tomato, and 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder. 

The juice of the lemon acts as an exfoliator, removing any dead skin cells and smoothing out any dark spots, while also acting as an antibacterial to prevent any breakouts. The turmeric powder will smooth out the texture of your skin and combat any redness. The tomato will leave your skin replenished and brightened.  

You can make this mask in less than 1 minute, and leave it on your face for a minimum of 2 minutes. 

Brown sugar, olive oil scrub and aloe vera hand sanitizer.

For a beautiful hand scrub, mix 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar with 3 Tablespoons of olive oil. Scrub all over your hands and rinse well.

Then, massage some aloe vera on your hands for an ultra soft feel. 

The brown sugar will exfoliate your skin, while the olive oil will smooth rough skin and hydrate. Aloe vera will soothe and sanitize and soften the skin. 

All up, this takes less than 3 minutes.

Rose & witch hazel eye mask.

Get two cotton pads, soak them in a mixture of witch hazel and rose water for a few seconds, then apply to your eye area. Set a timer, and lie-down for 2-minutes without any noise or distractions. Use this time to breathe and be in the moment. This little mask is what your grandmother would have done before a big night out, or before a big event. 

With hazel soothes, tones and moisturizers, while rose water acts as an antioxidant and assists with dark under eye circles.