beauty:: how to create the right brows for your face shape.

By Ursula Cervellone

Over the past couple of years big and bold eyebrows have become extremely popular and a part of our daily beauty regime. See ya later 90’s brows. When looking at our face most of us think that our eyes, mouth or nose are the main feature but what we always seem to look past and not understand is that our brow shape defines our face.

While most of us look at the brows as an expression of beauty the actual function of the eyebrow is naturally used to protect debris and sweat from entering the eye socket. The eyebrows are a very significant aspect of our appearance, they are also the most expressive features on our face, so naturally the shape of your brow has the power to change our overall look.

Eyebrows shaped correctly for your face can make you look younger, emphasize your eyes and even help you get away with wearing less makeup. Understanding yourunique face shape will determine which eyebrow shape works best for you.

Ursula Sydney’s eyebrow go-to specialist from Feather Brow Couture understands the ins and outs to the perfect brow. Ursula say’s Like haircuts, eyebrows shapes aren't one size fits all. Getting perfect brows really depends on the dimensions of your face. The perfect brow for you will improve your overall symmetry, look more revitalised, healthier & even more attractive. The brows play a major role in our overall look and here is how the science of your face determines your brows.

Square face

Having a softer brow is the way to go. A square jaw line accentuates the angularity of your face so A soft round arch is highly recommended.

Long face

Having a long face you need to focus on vertically stretched out brows to extenuate your horizontal features. In this case it's important to extend the tails possibly beyond the corners of the eyes but not to low as it can make your eyes appear droopy.

Round face

A round face your focus is on having very angular brows, higher arches are more flattering and beneficial where there is a lack of definition in a rounder face. The angle and higher arches can bring out and define the facial bone structures & give more definition.

Oval face

This face shape is one of the easiest to work with in general as your face is all well-proportioned. A soft, angled classic brow is best used for this shape.

Heart face

Having a heart shaped face means you have a small chin and jawline, you need to steer clear of big bold brows with this shape and keep the brows well-manicured. This face shape needs a brow that is controlled, and set neatly in place to balance the smaller chin & jawline.

Ursula's golden rule is no matter what your face shape the head of the brow should always start at the bridge of your nose. You can find this point by vertically holding your pencil up to either side of your nose bone.

The arch of the brow should be about two thirds of the way out not in the centre of your brow.

The tail of the brow should end as a crisp point at the corners of the eye to best lift the appearance, just not to low as this can make your eyes look droopy or to high can make you look shocked. Find a happy balance.

Now you asking but what if my natural brow doesn't allow for this shaping as they are too thin, Patches missing, asymmetrical and uneven, starting to far apart, ends are too short, top arch hairs are too thin and not enough of?

Well There are natural looking alternatives like microblade Feathering ( a cosmetic hair stroke tattoo method ) that etches tiny hair strokes to fill in missing areas of the brow.



About the Author.

Ursula is an expert in the art of natural looking cosmetic brow tattooing and is renowned for her miracle brow makeovers. This procedure is a perfect alternative for those not wanting to pencil in their brows every day. Visit her website here