mind food: appreciate them from afar, but you don’t need to look like them.

I remember my first beauty influencers. They were the Spice Girls. I loved Baby! Venga Boys. ‘cause every little girl should ‘love to party.’ and Destiny's Child. 

They were all strong minded, strong women (and men), who paved the way for how I view beauty today.

It was those bands that made me dye my hair, buy massive platform shoes I could not even wear), and begin painting makeup on my face. 

Throughout our lives we have many role models, showcasing what beauty is (or should be). 

When I was younger my role models were solely based on what looked cool to my friends, and what was outrageously popular at the time.

But now my perception of what a good role model has changed. 

I adore women and men, who may or may not be in the spotlight, but none the less hold strong internal and external values that I can relate to. I can appreciate them from afar, but I don’t need to look like them.

It’s easy to get caught up in the next trend, the next image of what beauty is. After all, I feel like the world of cosmetics, skincare, fashion, and so forth moves so fast, there is no real way to actually keep up even if you wanted to.

It’s easy to want to develop and replicate someone else’s beauty because we saw a movie, or watched a youtube and they looked great. 

It’s so easy that most of us do get caught up in finding what ‘beauty means’ outside of ourselves in the online (and offline) space. So easy, we do it without thinking. We conform to what we perceive to be better, more beautiful, and we purchase that which will make us feel incredible.

So we buy those 300 piece makeup brush sets, we purchase that $100 glow kits, we spend big on things that we think will make us look and feel beautiful. 

A week, or a month later, only to discover something, or someone new, that can help us get bigger eyes, bigger lips, bigger booty etc (because that’s the craze right now). 

For so many of us, we get consumed with following what other people say about what beauty means and IS. When do we ever take the time to check in to see what beauty means for us? 

For me, I have learned that beauty is not a product, or particular look, but beauty (I am talking about external beauty here), is always changing for me. And it doesn’t change based on what society shows and tell me I should look like. It changes based on my moods, my seasons, my roles (example becoming a mum). 

Internal beauty, for me, doesn’t change. I want to be strong but soft. Done up but simple. Beautiful but down to earth. Those internal characteristics don’t change. 

Honouring BOTH my internal AND external ideas about beauty has been a process. It has been exciting and I know those that have been friends with me for some time have seen the transformation. And those people know that NO MATTER WHAT, internally and externally I will always be true to myself. 

Beauty to me is not about what others are telling us to look and feel like.

It’s about finding the answers within and finding a deeper meaning to what beauty means to us internally. 


Beauty is not a product.


Beauty is not found by copying another person.


Beauty is found within. 


But you must first look. 


Beauty is a process, an unveiling, you unravel the layers and each year you grow more beautiful as you age because you understand yourself a little more, and you understand what beauty is. 

What does beauty mean to you?

Have you taken the time to explore internally and experiment externally? 

Need a little guidance, use the prompt below and write down 20 things that come to mind when you think of beauty (think beyond your image, think about:- taste, touch, smell, sight, sound). 


Beauty is ………………………………………………......................................................... [insert your own truth here]



Post written by: Sarah Liddle

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