mind food:: always striving, never arriving.

One of the things I think I’ve picked up throughout the years that I was a coach and teacher is the importance of always improving myself.

I constantly strived to be the best version of myself. I tried so hard to be that person that other people (clients, family, partner) wanted me to be.

But toward the end of my 10-year long coaching career, I noticed that the best version of me was not the best version that I could be for me, but for others.

I put enjoyment underneath achievement because I was constantly striving to achieve and please others.

I put other peoples oxygen masks on before mine.

I have had to re-learn loving myself, and putting my oxygen mask on first. But I never thought my value of achieving and striving effected other things.

I was at the gym a few months back and I noticed that my same striving filtered onto other things.

I went to the gym because of the result, not because it felt good.

I did the dishes because of the result, not because it felt good.

I called up the person I did not want to speak with, because of the result, not because it felt good.

I noticed that I had got stuck in a state of achievement, and there was always MORE to achieve.

More dishes to be done.
More days to go to the gym.
More people to call.

I discovered for myself, that I valued achievement above enjoyment, but that came at a cost. To my health, relationship, work, business etc.

So I made a stand.

I said internally to myself. Fuck it. I am NOT GOING TO GIVE FUCKS about things that don’t matter.

I am going to do WHAT FEELS GOOD.

I am going to achieve ONLY if it feels fucking amazing in the moment.

So that’s that. I don’t care that people are achieving tons of shit, I don’t. I am not trying to keep up with anyone in my business or life, I am just trying to enjoy the beautiful time I have been granted.

So my number one business and life gal:

#1 enjoyment (live each day in the now, and enjoy each second with present moment awareness)


Post by Sarah Marie Liddle.

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