beauty:: 5 skin care myths you need to know about.

By finding out what doesn’t work, you can ensure that you go down the right path and do what does work to help you create gorgeous glowing skin. 


Here are our top five skin care myths debunked: 


  1. You need to let your skin breathe. So, take a break from products.

    Earthworms and frogs can breathe through their skin. Humans? Can’t! 
    If a skincare company says their skin care product will help your skin breathe, run! So what is the takeaway here? The skin doesn’t need to breathe, so if you think you shouldn’t wear makeup to let your skin breathe, or skip a day or two of wearing moisturiser - don’t!
    The skin doesn’t breathe, but you definitely should think about what you are putting on your skin. What are the ingredients in the creams that you are using, and what are the ingredients in the cosmetics that you are putting on your face?
    Because that will affect the look and appearance if your skin, the quality and type of things you are using consistently. If you are interested in learning more here is a really good article to read a little further about this:-
  2. The skin changes in appearance immediately once you begin using a really good cream or serum.
    There are no magic products that will transform your skin overnight. Generally speaking, changes can take between 4-10 weeks. As a general rule of thumb, I suggest to my customers that they should see improvements between 6-8 weeks. 
  3. Less is more.
    Well, this one may or may not be considered a myth. Many people that I talk with slather on far too many products. They have a product for everything. Eyes, neck, face, chest, then there is multi-masking, and the list goes on.
    It’s better for your skin if you do not chop and change products. I also recommend using the same moisturiser on your face as you do on your chest.
    Find a regimen that has 3-5 key products, and stick with them. Recycle your old products or products which have expired or you are not using. The last thing you need is a drawer full of clutter! 
  4. Don’t use oils on your face if you’ve got oily skin.
    Oh, my dear. The fact is, if your skin is trying to produce more oil, thus creating oily skin, it’s because the skin thinks it needs to create more because it’s not creating enough. Depending on your skin type. If you have oily skin you can use specific oils once a day to help balance out the oil, and suggest to your skin that you’re producing enough oil. If your skin is dry then I would suggest using oils morning and night.
  5. Should I wait a certain time in between applying my products?
    One thing I see a lot is women waiting until their skin is bone dry before toning, and applying their moisturiser and serum.
    You should pay attention to HOW and WHEN you apply your products as well as what products you apply.
    You won’t affect the other products you’ve applied to your skin when you apply something else. The skin is most receptive immediately after washing it, so I would recommend within 30 seconds to tone and moisturise.