wellbeing: 16 delightful and dirty things you should be doing to your body.



Life is so much richer when you expand your world physically. Here are 16 delightful and dirty things you should be doing to your body:


1. Masturbate.


2. Exercise for enjoyment not for the results.


3. Have a fuck buddy in between relationships. It makes you less desperate and more delightful to be around. Because you’re not thinking about a root, you actually get to think about a potential relationship.


4. Tell your cellulite, scars, and stretch marks that they are gorgeous. You’re a warrior for surviving and thriving through birth, growth, pain, you get the gist.


5. Masturbate with your partner.


6. Have weekend long sex with your lover. In between, you can bath, eat, massage each other, but the focus is on sensual intercourse in every way you can imagine. You better start reading up.


7. Eat chocolate and don’t feel guilty or fat. C’mon now, it’s delicious. Like exercise, food should be eaten for enjoyment, not for results.


8. Wear sexy lingerie. To hell if nobody sees it. Your body is a beautiful temple, do it for yourself.


9. Have a professional erotic photoshoot. Not for Instagram, but for yourself. Use them as a reminder, for just how fuckin gorgeous you are.


10. Converse with your vagina or penis (or whatever name you’ve deemed your delightful private parts). The vagina has 8000 nerve endings, and the penis around 4000, show ‘em some love.


11. If you’re a woman, get familiar with the different kinds of orgasms you can have, and have them all. If you’re a straight man, bi-sexual or lesbian, get familiar with the different kinds and help your female partner have them all.


12. Be polite but don’t take no shit. If someone is treating your body (or your mind/ emotions for that matter) like shit, then tell them, if they don’t change or don’t want to change, show them the door. Your body deserves complete respect.


13. Re-write abusive stories about your past. I know it hurts, but trust me when I say, it hurts more not dealing with it. See someone like a counsellor or a coach, or confide in a trusted friend. You should feel good about the skin you’re in.


14. Create self-care days. Block out an entire day to pamper your body. Whether you go to a spa, or create a spa at home. Your body needs a little down time and a lot of love.


15. Wash and moisturise your body, like you wash and moisturise your face daily. Your skin is your largest organ, love it hard.


16. Learn to love your body for what it is, not for what you want it to be. Screw the media, and those influencers on Instagram, screw them all. Your body is fuckin perfect. You don’t need to change and be like anyone, or change for anyone. You are fuckin perfect.


Enjoy your body, treat it delightfully, and go on get a little dirty.