wellbeing:: take a day off for your own self-care reset day at home

Who says you have to wait for a day at a spa to practice self-love and honour your body. Why not allocate one day on the weekend to love your body and just how amazing it is. 

Here are some suggestions for your self-care reset day. 

:: Drink plenty of water.

:: Read an amazing book.

:: Watch the sunset/ sunrise. 

:: Eat mindfully. 

:: Start a new morning ritual. 

:: Journal.

:: Get cozy in a blanket and some warm soup.

:: Research something you've been interested in but haven't learned about.

:: Write a handwritten letter to a friend.

:: Have a bath.

:: Eat healthy. 

:: Light some candles and incense.

:: Meditate

:: Exfoliate and moisturise your body.

:: Breathe and just be present to your surroundings.

:: Massage your hands and feet.

:: Listen to the retreat NOW playlist.


When was the last time you took time out for just nurturing and loving your body without expecting it to do something for you?