ayurveda: understanding your skin in accordance with your ayurvedic dosha.


It does not matter your age, the desire for beauty is within all of us, however, how you see beauty may vary from how another sees beauty. I have noticed over the last few years, that the desire for natural beauty is growing. I have always had a love of and for beautiful things, from a very young age. When I was 20 years old I started working in a health store, and my love for natural skincare products and beauty grew. 

I firmly believe that happiness is linked to beauty. The happier you are the more beautiful you are. As Lady Blessington quoted "There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness."

I believe beauty is a lifestyle choice, and to become beautiful one must live in accordance with ones natural laws. Those laws encompass more than just good skincare! There is no one formula suited to everybody. Everybody is unique, however I do believe there are certain paths that are most helpful, and laws, which if followed create a happy healthy person from the inside to the out. 

Given the complexity of beauty, it is important that each person understands their own personality and body type. 

In Ayurvedic medicine there are three doshas, made up of five elements (space, air, fire, water and earth). The three doshas are: Vata "Air", Pitta "Fire", and Kapha "Earth". 

These doshas relate to certain characteristics. Understanding your dosha, you are able to understand what your body needs, what it may be lacking, and even the best skincare to suit it. 

As I mentioned above, every person is different, and thus despite two people having a primary dosha the same, the way those doshas are mixed can be quite different. As well as a primary dosha, each individual will have a secondary dosha 

Don't know your dosha?

There are many online tests to help you discover your dosha-type in just a few minutes. I recommend you try this one by the Chopra Centre. 


If you discover your dosha is, vata, then you generally have a thin frame, your skin is dry and often have frizzy or curly hair. Your nails are often brittle, ridged and discoloured. You are a very active, creative, intelligent person. Vata's are often teachers, spiritual leaders, artists. Your skin is likely to be prone to psoriasis, wrinkles, and extreme dryness.


If you discover your dosha is pitta, then you are likely to have a medium and proportioned frame. You may have warm, soft skin that may be pink or reddish in tone. You have an oily T-zone, and are prone to burning easy. Your hair is straight, light, it may be reddish, and is soft and fine. Pitta's are compassionate, sharp, and outgoing. They are great leaders and pioneers. Your skin is likely to be prone to acne and rosacea, you may experience a lot of cold sores and have skin sensitivities.  


If you discover your dosha is kapha, then you are likely to be a very built proportioned person. Your hair is thick, oily and is often black.  Your nails are pale, white and square. You are a very stable, dependable person. Kapha's make excellent providers, accountants, doctors are parents. Your skin is likely prone to cystic acne, you may experience sinus problems and have respiratory problems. 

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