wellbeing: 11 ways to embrace your spirituality in your life.


"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.”

~ Rumi

Being a spiritual being in a physical world is not about separating yourself from the physical dimension, it’s about total integration of our inner and outer world. It takes practice and patience to integrate the inner and outer world but that is exactly what we must do, practice. The joy comes not from focusing our attention on one but dancing in the moment with both. Being inwardly here and outwardly here. 

There is divinity in both physical and spiritual worlds, hence why we are called human-beings. We have both a human (physical) element as well as a being (spiritual) element. Often, a person will absorb themselves in the beauty of just one element, either physical or spiritual. 

Life is truly magnificent when you are able to combine living in a physical body with being a spiritual being. This means practising what you learn. 

So without further ado, here are 11 ways to embrace your spirituality in your life: 

  1. Being grateful in the everyday interactions that you have with people you know as well as don't know (yes it includes the rude taxi driver). From his book Die Empty, Todd Henry explains that he tips the taxi driver more than is expected to show gratitude for the taxi drivers service. Compassion and love should be practiced with every person that you meet, including yourself!
  2. Showing someone you love them, not because of who they are or what they have done but showing your unconditional love without any reason.  
  3. Giving the gift of giving for the mere pleasure of it, do not think about receiving, this harms the act of giving. 
  4. Follow what excites you, what excites you is your purpose.  
  5. Learning to let go and not hold grudges. Life is as much about learning as it is about letting go. 
  6. Learning to love even those family members that rub you up the wrong way. In fact, your family is the ultimate test of your spiritual faith. 
  7. Giving yourself the time you need to explore your soul world free from restraint. 
  8. Choosing to lay yourself in bed at night with a present centred mind and a grateful heart. 
  9. Making your first thought of the day a grateful one. 
  10. Getting out of other peoples way and just allowing them to be who and what they are without trying to control, judge or label them.
  11. Choosing love above all else, every day for every way. 

Which one can you embrace to enhance your spirituality today?