wellbeing: create deep self love for your body

It's time to replace the word 'fat' with the word 'beautiful', it's time to stop calling yourself 'ugly' and starting calling yourself 'lovely'.  

Here’s the thing, every time you see your body, whether that be in the shower or just looking down at your toes, I want you to say “I love my [insert body part here] , it is (or they are) loved because [insert reason why you love it]. If there are specific parts of your body that you do not love, show them extra care and praise them for existing! 

I like to do this exercise, especially when I am in the shower. I go through my hands, my arms, neck, chest, practicing self love for each part as I wash. 

Guess what this does, this makes me feel amazing, but not only that, it makes me feel stronger as a woman. I don’t feel pressured into believing some b.s that I am sold too about how I am not sexy, skinny or pretty enough, because I know I am enough. 

Now, it’s your turn. I don't want you to do this for just 21 days. I am asking that you to do this every single day. Take it one day at a time and practice compassion when you don’t offer yourself the love your body deserves. Then continue offering that self love again and again. One day, one moment and one loving acknowledgment is all it takes to create deep self love for your body.