wellbeing: the 4 questions that will (re)connect you to your soul right now.


“I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky."

~ Virginia Woolf

Life can pass us by, we get caught up with the pressing issues but seldom the important ones. 

Returning to soul can be a frightening time but also a much needed embrace, especially after being in the world of form, ego and striving. A lovely trait that the soul harnesses is that of forgiveness, it is always willing to embrace us even after we have left it alone and abandoned it for a little or long time. The soul never judges or tells us that our trust is broken. It is always forgiving and open. 

Choosing to tap into our souls happiness is about returning home to our inner selves, moment and moment again.

The soul seeks little but retains its depth. To effectively tap into our soul and produce soul happiness, the right conditions must prevail, this includes proper care physically and emotionally as well as spiritual nourishment. It also yearns for a full cup. This means that we must be generous toward giving ourselves more than we give to others. Without proper care for the soul, deep happiness is hard to obtain. We can seek gratification in the material world but the soul will continue to yearn for you to come home and honour a deeper happiness beyond form, your souls happiness.

Everybody's soul happiness is made up of different elements.

Whilst we all come from the same one source we are all so very different. Learning to recognise and honour your authentic essence, your souls divinity is a journey that only you can take. You can be guided but never shown, because what I see will be different to what you see. 

Here's the 4 questions that will help (re)connect you to your soul:

1. What does my soul want to feel? (Happy, moved, excited, daring, majestic?)

2. Who does my soul want to be? (An artist, a painter, a writer, a youtuber?)

3. What does my soul want to create in this moment? (A beautiful sentence, poem, maybe a painting?)

4. How am I honouring my authentic essence, my souls beauty today? (Do I need to take a bath, nurture my body, embrace mindfulness, practice forgiveness or self love?)

It is best to take a few moments each day or week to continue this process of connection. Sometimes your answers will be clear, and other times they may be a little uncertain. However, what this process does, is that it opens you up to listening to your souls voice. 

Are you ready to harness your authentic essence, your soul self today? Listen to its calling, it's always speaking to you.