16 foods you need to eat for naturally glowing skin.

Are you ready to cultivate a natural healthy glowing look? Here's 16 foods to add to your diet for gorgeous glowing skin.

Our body is always sending us messages. A little pimple on your forehead, is more than a little pimple, it is a sign of an imbalance within. 

If you want gorgeous glowing skin, then you need to be caring for your body. That means, feeding it foods that enhance your beauty, and thinking thoughts that make you feel wonderful. 

Here's 16 foods that will help you get a natural glow:

  1. Avocados. 

  2. Coconuts (water, meat and oil). 

  3. Red capsicums. 

  4. Lemons. 

  5. Garlic. 

  6. Onions. 

  7. Turmeric. 

  8. Probiotic vegetables. 

  9. Cabbage. 

  10. Pears.

  11. Flaxseed oil. 

  12. Walnuts. 

  13. Sweet potatoes. 

  14. Figs. 

  15. Watercress. 

  16. Spinach. 

The secret to looking beautiful, is feeling beautiful. Listen to your body and hear what it needs. As Lucretius said 'What is food to one, is to others bitter poison.'  Try and avoid processed sugars and highly processed foods, they will block this natural ability to listen to your body. 

In summary, think kind loving thoughts, listen to your body, feed it any of the above 16 foods regularly and avoid processed foods. 

To natural beauty! 



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