Visualisation exercise to create a beautiful life.

Turn off your phone, shut down your computer and sit quietly in a comfortable quiet place without distractions. 

Be guided through the exact steps to materialize your goals. Watch as you see it happening NOW in your imagination with this 2-minute guided visualisation exercise.


Visualise what it is going to FEEL like when you have your life exactly as you desire it. Watch as you see it happening NOW in your imagination.


Imagine yourself two years from now, with your exact ideal life. Be in the moment with yourself, how great does it feel!!


FEEL into what it fully, every little detail. From your nail polish colour to your car. What does it all look like?


Who are you being?


What are you thinking?


What do you feel?


What's showing up differently in your life?


What's not showing up in your life?


What do you believe about yourself?


Spend a few minutes watching yourself, pay attention to every little detail, and most importantly feel into how amazing that feels. Emotion is the gateway to creation. 

See yourself as it unfolds, and observe the beautiful radiant you, grow, blossom and bloom.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, letting yourself bask in those 'feel good vibes', before you begin your day. 

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