The hardworking beauty serum

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Beauty enhancing serum.

There is no denying it, your friends and family will see you happy and glowing with soft supple skin.

They will know you’re in love (they just won’t know it’s with me).

I'll leave your skin feeling hydrated and help reduce fine lines. 

You are going to love the beauty that I will hydrate your skin with, this includes all the best oils including: 

: Vitamin A
: Vitamin E
: Jojoba
: Carrot seed oil
: Vetiver Oil
: Vanilla oil
: Grapeseed oil
: Sweet almond oil
: Meadow seed oil
: Evening primrose
: Moroccan argan oil

I know I can seem overwhelming, but basically, if you choose to get know me, you’ll end up with:

: Soft supple skin.
: A reduction in wrinkles.
: Refined and balanced skin tone.
: Clear flawless finish.
: And a beautiful confident smile.

To feel and look your best, enjoy me morning and night.

I am a multi-purposeful product. You can use me as:

: The perfect facial serum. 
: A leave-in hair treatment. Perfect for split ends!
: Your cuticle and nail hero. (I can help you grow your nails long naturally).
: Reducing stretch marks. 
: Assisting and hydrating dry skin. 

I come in a 100ml bottle, which will last 4-6 months. 

The (equally as) important details:

Oh darling, don't worry about anything nasty, nor anything bad, I assure you that no part of this product has been tested on animals. This product is vegan, natural, environmentally friendly glass jar, and consciously made with love.

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