The Entire NOW Regimen.

The Entire NOW Regimen.


Calm. Glow. Embrace. Awareness.

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You can’t stop aging but you can look good for your age.

Welcome to the Now Regimen.

It’s not a time machine, but it will help you embrace the now and bring beauty to the present moment. It will open your heart up to who you are, not only on a surface level, but who you are beneath the surface. By enjoying the entire range of Now, you will find yourself awakening to something more - to someone more. Some people say it’s a spark, a glow, and even a radiance that transcends time. That’s because you leave people and places better than you found them.  

You’ll start to see the changes within yourself, when you start making time for yourself. This kind of change is rarely spoken about, but often found in leaders innovating, revolutionising and moving the world to a better place. You my darling, are that leader.

If you’re reading this, you understand that this skincare range called Now, is not just about creating beautiful skin, but it’s about creating beautiful women.

If you’re ready. I’m here. Now. We are ready.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

The (equally as) important details:

Oh darling, don't worry about anything nasty, nor anything bad, I assure you that no part of this product has been tested on animals. This product is vegan, natural, environmentally friendly glass jar, and consciously made with love.

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