The moisturising cleanser

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A hardworking, but gentle cleanser.

I won’t strip your skin, I’ll actually add moisture. I’m super easy to get along with, simply take me by the hand, slather me on your face, neck and chest for the ultimate cleanse and hydration. As you do, remember to pay attention to your unique beauty. You are beautiful, take your time, enjoy this moment.

Let me love you hard, but gently.

Here's some of what you’ll be adding to your sacred morning (and noon) ritual:

: Grapeseed oil
: Sunflower oil
: Macadamia oil
: Vitamin E
: White clay
: Lavender oil
: Lemon
: Bush balm mint oil
: Bergamot oil
: Benzoin oil
: Emulsifying wax.

What you won’t be adding to your morning ritual:

: Stress and anxiety about the day.
: Living in some future moment.
: Tension, because you won’t be racing around flustered.
: Chemicals, because you’re smarter than those big makeup and skincare companies!

I am a multi-purposeful product. You can use me as:

: A gentle facial cleanser.
: A gentle body cleanser. 
: An overnight light face mask. 

I come in a 100ml bottle, which will last 3-6 months.  

The (equally as) important details:

Oh darling, don't worry about anything nasty, nor anything bad, I assure you that no part of this product has been tested on animals. This product is vegan, natural, environmentally friendly glass jar, and consciously made with love.

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