The hydrating moisture cream  

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The perfect moisturiser. 

She acts as a shield protecting those people and things she cares about. She’s definitely no pushover.

As Pretty Woman said:

“I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna let me go.”

You’ll find me as the last on your Now beauty regimen, but that doesn’t mean I don’t play an important part. I’m the moisture that you’ll need to see you through long work days in front of the computer, and even longer days retreating in Mexico with your gal pals. You work hard, you play hard. You know? At least that’s what I do.

I’d say I am pretty fun and light weight too.

Here’s the natural goodness that you’re going to love about me:

: Shea butter
: Mango butter
: Coconut oil
: Sunflower oil
: Apricot oil
: Moroccan argan oil
: Jasmine
: Lavander
: Rosemary.

To feel and look your best, enjoy me morning and night. We also recommend that you use a clean and dry teaspoon to scoop out your moisturiser, this will ensure your moisturiser stays free from bacteria. 

I am a multi-purposeful product. You can use me as:

: A day and night cream. 
: An eye cream.
: A lip cream.
: A hand and foot moisturiser. 

I come in a 50ml container, which will last 3 months.  

The (equally as) important details:

Oh darling, don't worry about anything nasty, nor anything bad, I assure you that no part of this product has been tested on animals. This product is vegan, natural, environmentally friendly glass jar, and consciously made with love.

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